The Grand Hyatt, Bali

by Lisa Cheah

Bali, Indonesia
15th - 20th of July

Where do I even begin?

I thought in order to do this hotel justice, I should have maybe drafted this post, but I couldn't, for there simply was no words to describe this place. 

It really is like heaven on earth.
The superficial kinds, my kind.

It's so spectacular, I honestly could not think life can get any better! 
No I'm not kidding.

And I can only hope the pictures does this place justice.

The pond that leads to our room, Grand Hyatt, Bali

Grounds of the Grand Hyatt

The grounds of the Grand Hyatt is just simply spectacular, there was so much flowers and trees and little ponds with fishes that it does like the water palace it was made out to be.

And due to its proximity to the sea, it is always nice and breezy!

The lobby, Grand Hyatt Bali

Grand Hyatt Bali is huge!

It houses over 600 rooms over 4 water villages, and I am convinced we had the best one!

Although this sounds like a lot, it really isn't because the compounds is just so big. There was the option of having your breakfast at 3 different locations, a few pools to choose from, hot and cold tubs, loads of different restaurants, its very own Night Market, little boutiques and everything  else you can ever want from a vacation all spread out around its grounds!

We infact thought the hotel must be on their low season, whilst according to the reception it was actually the complete opposite!

The Grand Hyatt is also situated on its own stretch of private beach, which is fantastic! 
Ah, this truly is like living the dream!

One of the pools at Grand Hyatt, Bali

Snapshots from the Grand Hyatt, Bali #1

The rooms at the Grand Hyatt

View from Kate's and Jens' room. 

Little Squirrel at the Grand Hyatt Bali

Snapshots from The Grand Hyatt, Bali #2

Snapshots from The Grand Hyatt, Bali #3

Ah, it is so gorgeous, I have to almost pinch myself again.

There are so many more pictures I want to share, but this will have to do for now.

In order to keep this blog a little more objective I suppose I could mention that the Grand Hyatt might not fit the bill if you are looking for a completely private "children free" hotel. You know, the ones some honeymooners go to? Or business people.

Otherwise, this hotel is completely out of this world.

I absolutely reccomend it with all my heart and soul.
Yes, The exact same ones I left when I was made to leave.

x L